UPDATED April 4, 2020

As we enter into the thick of this pandemic, there is no denying that COVID19 is taking hold of our state. In an effort to flatten the curve, lessen the thinning of our medical system, and save lives, the CDC has issued new guidelines, largely derived to the success of other countries flattening the curve with the general use of masks.  To protect our customers, employees, and community at large, I am asking our team to wear non-hospital grade cloth masks. At the present time, I am exploring options to get masks for employees from local vendors, and will hopefully have these provisions by the end of the day. I am also interested in making the masks available to the general public and will be exploring this option as well.

My team and I have been working seven days a week, keeping our regular 6 am-8 pm hours, with many more off hours to stock and attend to behind the scenes business. This is taking a toll on everyone, emotionally, physically and financially. We have been advised by many, to close and collect. I don't see this as an option. People need a safe place to shop. My employees want to continue to work. We are a community general store and intend on staying that way.  We will continue to turn on the lights and brew the coffee, we will continue to hang our American flag outside as the sun rises, and we will continue to unlock the door at 6 am everyday to welcome our customers inside, as long as we can do so safely.

PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU: Please wear a mask, if possible, and maintain the 6 foot separation, as marked on our floor. We will be wearing masks by the end of today.

INVENTORY: As of this morning, the shelves are stocked. Toilet paper, sanitizer, bleach, masks, disinfecting wipes are a few exceptions that have been filtering through with limited numbers. We still have facial tissues, paper towels, gloves, staple items, milk and eggs to name a few. Several of my last orders were more than 50% back-ordered. I am working on finding alternative vendors to provide our customers with the essentials they request.

IN STORE: WE are still OPEN for IN-STORE shopping. In store, bottle redemption and reusable coffee cup refills have been suspended.

CONTACTLESS CURBSIDE PICK-UP: With an increase in demand, orders for curbside are requiring more time. In order to help ease the stress on our employees, we are now asking that all curbside orders be phoned in by 4 PM. Pick-ups are still anytime during business hours.

DELIVERY: Many community members who are immunocompromised and elderly are relying on our delivery services. We have a $25 minimum for those orders and a 5 mile delivery radius, although exceptions can be made if we have a team member available to deliver beyond that range.

NEW ITEMS: We are currently stocking new produce and meats, in addition to several new items that customers have requested. If there is something you need, we'll try to get it. Please ask!

THANK YOU! Thank you to our team who have been tirelessly stocking, ordering, sanitizing, more sanitizing and working to keep our community safe.

THANK YOU! Thank you to our veteran and new customers who have been supporting our small business in a very uncertain times. We are forever grateful!


Franny and the entire team at WHG

We have been very busy trying to keep our customers and employees safe during the current COVID-19 situation.

A lot of our time is being spent sanitizing our environment and trying to keep in products  needed by the community.

Please visit our Face Book page and group for our most current status of inventory - hours - and helpful information.

Along with in store shopping we are now offering CURBSIDE PICK-UP for everyone

and DELIVERY OPTIONS for the elderly and immune-compromised.

SAFETY ALERT: Bottle redemption has been temporarily suspended.


PLEASE Stay at home when you can.

If you must go out PLEASE follow safety guidelines.

You can pass your time at home by learning, reading, listening or watching

audio cassettes 50¢  -  VHS and CD's $1.00  -  DVD's $5.00  - Books starting at 50¢